Mohammed Hmaidan AL Abadi


This research aims at investigating the methods of teaching used at the colleges of education in the Sultanate of Oman and their use justifications. It also aims at finding out the teaching methods preferred by students of these colleges. The researcher adopted the analytical descriptive approach to achieve the research goals, the research tool (the Questionnaire) to the Faculty members and students has been designed, and administered to sample selected randomly. The research showed the following important findings: The methods of: the lecture supported by audio - visual aids, the direct lecture, the dialogue and discussion are the most widely used, while computer -assisted instruction, field trips and studies, the use of labs and the small groups are the least used methods. And the strong justifications demonstrated by the faculty members for using those methods were: The nature of the coursework, recognition of learning abilities of students, lack knowledge of other teaching methods, association of the theoretical knowledge with the real world of the students.


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AL Abadi محمد حميدان. 2002. “The University Teaching Methods Used at the Colleges of Education in the Sultanate of Oman and Their Use Justifications ( An Analytical Study )”. Journal of Educational Sciences 2 (2).