Abdelfettah Ezzouini


This study aims to discuss a number of significant problems related to the linguistic revelation
of the Quran based on the interpretation of Quranic texts. It also aims to identify
how the Arabic language can be reconciled with the Quranic vision and the terms
and verses of the Quranic text. Does the linguistic approach fit in the establishment of
the Quranic terms and concepts separately from the context of the Quranic language,
terminology and concepts? How can the Quranic concepts be established without providing
the utter Quanic connotations of the language to the Arabic language in order
to preserve the universality of the Quranic language and its comprehensiveness that
transcends the limits of time, place and human being?


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مفاهيم متكاملة
التفسير اللغوي
الوحدة البنائية
حاكمية اللغة
المنهج اللساني

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Ezzouini عبد الفتاح. 2019. “The Fallacy of Prioritizing the Arabic Language over Quranic Language and Its Impact on the Conceptualization of Quranic Terms and Concepts”. Tajseer Journal 1 (1):27-50. https://doi.org/10.29117/tis.2019.0008.
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