Tajseer is a peer-reviewed biannual journal that publishes cross-disciplinary scientific research that addresses problems and phenomena in an interdisciplinary manner, and bridges cognitively between the various branches of humanities and social sciences with a special focus on Arab and Islamic issues. The journal provides open access to its contents and adheres to a balanced editorial and review policy based on objectivity and professionalism. The journal is a collaborative publication, launched since 2019, between the Ibn Khaldun Center for Humanities and Social Sciences at Qatar University and Qatar University Press.

  • Vision
  • To be a leading journal in interdisciplinary research in the field of humanities and social sciences in the Arab and Islamic world.

  • Mission
    1. Enriching the scientific community through high-quality scholarly research that contributes to meeting the intellectual and practical needs of Arab and Muslim societies.

    2. Striving towards integrating local knowledge through bridging the gap between various social sciences and Islamic studies.

  • Objectives
    1. To be a leading platform for academics and researchers in the interdisciplinary research in social sciences and the Arab world.

    2. To bridge the gap between various social sciences and Islamic studies.

    3. To re-energize the intellectual community in the region with the objective of improving the standards of scientific research.

    4. To provide a scientific reference for researchers in humanities and social sciences.

Print ISSN: 2664-7869

Online ISSN: 2664-7877