Ayad Mohammed Ali al-Arnawtee


This study is a call to establish a science of linguistics for the Holy Quran (the Science of the
Language of the Holy Quran). The reasons to establish this science include the existing gaps in
the Arabic sciences, especially the science of the Arabic language grammar and its method and
vocabulary; the specialness of the Holy Quran as it is the words of Allah; as well as the injustice
afflicting the Quran by the grammarians. The study aims to analyze what is mentioned in the
Quran and highlights the accuracy of the holy text and its dominance to all other texts: if any
sciences, laws and theories are incompatible with the Quran, they are considered as invalid and
should be reviewed.
Additionally, this study claims that the miracle of Quran is timeless and eternal. It highlights the
necessity to utilize the linguistic sciences in order to discover and rediscover the miracle of Quran.
Thus, one should study the Quran to discover and search for new meanings and not just rely
dogmatically on the past interpretations of the Quran. The Quranic text is not static, it is always
open to new meanings. Despite the fact that the Quran is written in Arabic language, the Quranic
text should not be subject to the grammatical and linguistic rules of the Arabic language. Reasonably,
the Arabic language should be viewed as a reference for the interpretation of the Quranic
text. In this regard, the Arabic rules and grammar should be reviewed or search for the secrecy of
expression laying behind the uniqueness of the Quranic text. Each letter of the Quranic text has,
undoubtedly, a secret that should be discovered, and it should not be changed or altered based
on the rules of the Arabic language.
Furthermore, the ability of Quran to express itself requires all the possible ways of interpretation
such as collecting Ayahs of subjects and finding the relationship between them. Additionally, it is
important to follow up the linguistic vocabulary mentioned in the Quran to explain the specialty
of using Quran. Finally, if it is difficult for researchers to interpret the Quran, the future generation
of scholars should have the opportunity to interpret the Quran instead of relying on a single


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Ali al-Arnawtee إياد محمد علي. 2019. “The Science of the Holy Quran Language: Its Reasons and Insights”. Tajseer Journal 1 (1):8-26. https://doi.org/10.29117/tis.2019.0007.
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