Adel Fathy Riad Ahmed


This paper is studying a pattern of coherent in the Qur'anic text, The structural arrangement . The theme is: System of words in one pattern or: The continuation of speech in order. The term refers to “fitting the composition of the last verse with the first . In other words, it means the last verse carried on to the first of it; for comparable or for the linguistic requirement. This structure can be considered as a theory to demonstrate the clarity of the word, strength, coherence and rhetoric, and as a model of using grammar as direction tools in the texts, and the interaction of grammatical meanings. There are several types of structures, and the most important one is the semantic pattern, similar layout, and grammatical layout. Under the last model, there is mitigation and fulfilment, adding and deleting, anastrophe and there are also many types. The research samples limited in pronunciational similarity of the Quran’s verses, and the primary source of the paper was book of “Drat altanzil wa gharat altaawil for Al- khatib al'iiskafii. Keywordes: The structural arrangement - pronunciational similarity - the semantic pattern - similar layout - and grammatical layout


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The systemic structure
pronunciational similarity
the semantic pattern
parallels system
grammatical system

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