Editorial team


      Fatima Mohammad AL Sowaidi, Professor of Old Arabic Literature and Cultural Criticism, College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University

      Email: fmohmmed@qu.edu.qa

      ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2905-8735

      Bio: Prof AL Sowaidi is specialized in the study of ancient Arabic literature since the Umayyad era. She went through an extensive scientific and practical experience spanning years, including being a referee for numerous scientific publications and faculty promotions for several Arab universities, and an external examiner for numerous Master and Doctoral University theses. This is in addition to carrying out the duties of the Arabic language, literature and criticism teaching, writing and discussion at Qatar University, Zayed University (as Visiting Professor) and University of London (SOAS). Prof Al Sowaidi also held other academic, professional and administrative roles at the university including being the Assistant Dean for Communication Affairs, Assistant Dean of Languages Media and Translation Sectors. At the Qatari society level, she manages several cultural and scientific centers of cultural institutions that handle Arabic language and literature promotion, and lead the Arab human thought. She currently chairs the editorial board of Ansaq journal.

    • Editorial Committee
      1. Salama Abdullah Al-Suwaidi, Professor of Ancient Arabic Literature, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Arabic Language, Qatar University

        Email: salamaa@qu.edu.qa

        Googlr Scholar : https://scholar.google.com/citations?view_op=list_works&hl=ar&user=ilCkDTwAAAAJ

        ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6284-4215

        Bio: Professor of ancient Arabic literature at Qatar University since 1996 to date Head of Language and Literature Research Unit, Documentation Center, Qatar from 1996 to 2002

        Head of the Arabic Language Unit at Qatar University during 1998 and 1999

        Head of the Arabic Language Department at Qatar University from 1999 to 2003

        Vice Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Qatar University during 2003 and 2004

        Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs, College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University, during the 2004 and 2005

      2. Saddek Rabah, Professor of Media and Communication, College of Arts and Sciences, Mass Communication department, Qatar University

        Email: srabah@qu.edu.qa , saddekr@gmail.com

        ORCID: 0000-0002-5745-2521

        SCOPUS author ID: 0000-0002-5745-2521

        Bio: Professor Saddek received his PhD in Information and Communication Studies, Paris 2 University (France). Dr. Saddek’s research interests are in Social Networks, Citizen Media, Internet Studies, Media Convergence, Information Society, Media and Social Change, Media discourse. His research appeared in different peer-reviewed journals and he presented his work and research at several international and regional conferences. He has over 18 years of teaching in the UAE. Prior to joining Qatar University, he held different positions at different universities in the UAE: Canadian University of Dubai, University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates University and Ajman University. He served as Dean at Ajman University, and Chair of the Communication Department at Canadian University of Dubai. He also served as a reviewer for many Media Programs as well as many Communication and Media academic journals. Dr. Saddek taught many courses (more than 24 courses) including: Investigative Journalism, News Writing and Editing Media Laws and Ethics, Advanced Methodologies in Communication, Communications Theories, Introduction to New Media, Principles of Visual Communication, Media Management, Media Convergence, Social Marketing, Internet & Social Networks , Media Sociology, Integrated Communication, Information Society, Media and Society.

        Link to Profile : http://qufaculty.qu.edu.qa/srabah/

      3. Abdelhamid Zahid, Professor of Linguistics and Phonetics College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University

        Email: azahid@qu.edu.qa

        ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5254-8604

        Bio: He is currently a professor of Arabic language at Qatar University, and formerly a professor of Arabic and English languages at Cadi Ayyad University, Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences. He is a trilingual translator and interpreter (Arabic, English and French), and an expert lexicographer in the Doha Historical Dictionary project. He is a director of the Knowledge Integration and Translation Laboratory and Al-Kindi Center for Translation and Intercultural Dialogue. He is the editor in chief of both Bayt Al-Hikma Journal for Translation Studies and Arabic Phonetics Journal

        He has a Master degree in phonetics from Paris 7 University in France (1988), in Interpreting from London Metropolitan University (2021) and in Translation Studies from Durham University in the UK (2020), He is a holder of a PhD degree in Phonetics from Cadi Ayyad University- Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences- in Morocco (2004), and in Linguistics from Paris 7 University in France (1992).

        He has edited and written many books and articles in both languages (Arabic and English) in linguistics, phonetics and translation among which Phonetics and Musicology: A Comparative Study (2010), Arabic Vowels: A Phonetic Study (2005), A Model for Metaphor Translation from English Literature into Arabic (2004), Sound in Rhetorical Studies: A Phonetic Study (2000).

        He has produced literary and scientific translations, namely: The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway (2007), Animal Farm by George Orwell (2022), and a book in terminology: Handbook of Terminology (2020). He has been supervising many Master and PhD theses in both languages Arabic and English.

        Personal blog : http://zahidabdelhamid.com/

      4. Abdulrahman M. Al-Shami , Professor of Broadcast Journalism, Mass Communication department, College of Arts & Sciences, Qatar University

        Email: aalshami@qu.edu.qa

        ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7707-5463

        Bio: Al-Shami is professor of broadcast journalism in Mass Communication Department, College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University. He received his PhD from College of Mass Communication, Al-Azhar University, Egypt in 2004 with honor degree with an emphasis on the Uses and Gratifications of National and International Television Channels. He was a Fulbright visiting Scholar at the College of Mass Communication, Boston University in 2005. He also participated in the program of the United States Institute (SUSI) on Journalism and Media for Distinguished Scholars, SCRIPPS School of Journalism, Ohio University in 2011.

        Before joining QU, Al-Shami was full Professor of Broadcast Journalism in Mass Communication College in Sana’a University as well as Dean of the College. He also held several academic and administrative positions at Sana'a University and Hodeidh University in Yemen. This includes chairing the Broadcasting Department at the College of Mass Communication, Sana'a University, and the Vice Dean of the College of Fine Arts at Hodeidah University, as well as chair of the Audiovisual Arts Department at the College of Fine Arts, Hodeidah University.

        Al-Shami is a member of several academic organizations including board member of The Arab-U.S. Association of Communication Educators (AUSACE), founding member of the Arab European Association for Communication Professors and Researchers (AREACORE), Coordinator for Arab Association for Communication Sciences, Lebanon University, Beirut, Lebanon, and Jury member of ARIJ Prize for Investigative Reporting, Amman, Jordan.

        He is the editor of the Journal of Middle East Media (JMEM), Arabic edition, former Editor-in-Chief of Ansaq Journal issued by College of Arts & Sciences, Qatar University, an editorial board member of the Journal of Middle East Media (JMEM), and Jury member of ARIJ Award for Investigative Reporting, Amman, Jordan for several years. He published more than 30 papers and book chapters in several referred journals in both Arabic and English language. He also participated in more than 200 workshops and training programs.

        Link to Profile : http://qufaculty.qu.edu.qa/aalshami/ , https://aalshami8.wixsite.com/kotoof

      5. Abdeslam ISMSILI ALAOUI, Professor of Linguistics, College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University

        Email: Ialaoui@qu.edu.qa

        Bio: Bio: Received his doctoral theses in Linguistics and had a University qualification in applied Semiolinguistics, at Moulay Ismail University, Morocco. He published a number of books and scientific studies on Linguistics and Semiolinguistics. He participated in many scientific conferences. He is a member of many scientific advisory committees. He supervised many masters and doctoral theses and assumed many administrative, academic and scientific tasks.

      6. Abdelsalam Elsayed Hamed, Professor of Syntax, Philology & Prosody, College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University

        Email: abdulsalamh@qu.edu.qa

        ORCID : https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1555-5853

        Bio: He holds a PhD in Syntax, Morphology & Prosody from the College of Dar Al Uloom, Cairo in 1998. Nationality: Egyptian. Date of birth: 6/11/1965. Academic and professional degree: Professor. Current position: Professor, Department of Arabic Language and Literature, College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University, since 2006. General Specialization: Arabic Language. Specialization: Syntax, Philology & Prosody. From working in the academy prior to working at Qatar University: working at the Faculty of Dar Al Uloom - Cairo University (the original employer), and working at the UAE University from 2002 to 2006. Among his most important books: On Arabic and Linguistics: Foundations and Approaches (Amman, 2018). Meaning in theology, interpretation and ancient Arabic criticism: a semantic grammatical view (Annals of Arts and Social Sciences, Kuwait University, 2017). The form and semantics (Amman, 2016). Interpretation of poetry according to Ibn Jinni (Cairo, 2012). Prof. Dr. Saad Maslouh: Biography, Journey, and Research Dedicated (co-editing), Cairo, 2016. Grammatical Introductions (Cairo, 2000). Member of a number of different scientific organizations. He has many refereed scientific researches and articles published in numerous scientific and cultural journals, and he also has lectures and recorded contributions published on information network sites, in addition to his numerous efforts in judging promotions, research and scientific theses and supervising them. He participated in many scientific conferences in: Egypt, Qatar, UAE, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, India and Ukraine.

      7. Abdullah Khamis Al-Kindi, Professor of Journalism and Electronic Publishing, College of Arts and Social Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University

        Email: kindik@squ.edu.om

        Bio: Since August 2020, he held the position of Head of the Mass Communication Department, and before that, from January 2011 to July 2017, he held the position of Dean of the College of Arts and Social Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University. He received his Ph.D. in Journalism in 2000 from Reading University, United Kingdom. He obtained a master's degree in journalism in 1995 from Wales University-Cardiff, United Kingdom. Prior to that, he graduated with a BA in Journalism and Media in 1992 from Sultan Qaboos University. From 1990 to 1994, he worked as a part-time journalist for Al-Watan newspaper and supervised a number of specialized pages. He has published a number of studies and books, the most recent of which was a book entitled "The Omani Journalists Pioneers" in 2020, joint authorship issued by Riyadh Al Rayes Books and Publishing House. He edited and translated books in the fields of international media and Omani journalism, and he also published a number of refereed journals papers. He is a member of a number of national and international committees in the fields of media and culture fields, in addition to his work as a member of editorial boards. His research interests include covering wars, media and communication policies, and Omani journalism.

      8. Essa Odeh Barhouma, Professor of Linguistics, Department of Arabic Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts at the Hashemite University, Jordan

        Email: ebarhouma@hu.edu.jo

        ORCID ID : 0000-0002-2814-6728

        Bio: He received his PhD in Applied Linguistics from the University of Jordan with distinction in first class honors. He joined the Hashemite University in 2002 and is still appointed as a visiting professor in the Department of Applied Linguistics at Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University (2010-2014). He supervised many postgraduate students (Master's and Ph.D.) and discussed many master's theses and doctoral theses, and judged dozens of research papers for refereed journals issued by academic and research institutions. Adjudicated promotions to the rank of professor and associate professor in linguistics and grammar in Arab. He received a number of scientific and cultural prizes: the Prize for Creative Taste for the Field of Articles, University of Jordan 1991, Academic Excellence Award, University of Jordan 2001, University of Jordan Prize for Academic Excellence 2001/2002, Ibn Battuta Prize for Travel Literature, Abu Dhabi 2022. He published many refereed scientific researches in the field of linguistics and discourse analysis in international and regional refereed journals. He participated in many international, regional and local conferences on language and culture.

      9. Loui Ali Khalil, Professor of Criticism and Cultural Studies in the Department of Arabic Language, Qatar University

        Email: loui.khalil@qu.edu.qa

        ORCID : https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0836-5448

        Bio: Professor of Criticism and Cultural Studies, and Head of Narrative and Cultural Studies Team at Qatar University. He has a number of scientific books and research papers, from his books:

        - Receiving (Fantastic) in modern Arab criticism, General Authority of the Arab Encyclopedia, Damascus, 2006.

        - Fantastic and the Arabic Narrative (Theory between Receiving and Text), Arab House of Sciences Publishers, Beirut, 2014.

        - Dictionary of narrative characters in the narrative heritage, House of The Treasures of Knowledge, Amman, 2020.

      10. Morad Abed Rahman Mabrook Hassan, Professor of Literary Criticism and Theory, College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University

        Email: mo.hassan@qu.edu.qa


        https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Morad- Mabrook


        Bio: Prof Morad has a teaching university experience of more than thirty years at Qatar University, Cairo University (Bani Suef Branch), King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia, and some other Egyptian and Arab universities. Personal website http://qufaculty.qu.edu.qa/mo-hassan

      11. Haitham Sarhan , Professor of Arabic Literature and Discourse Analysis, College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University

        Email: haithamsarhan@qu.edu.qa

        ORCID : https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3924-163X

        Google Scholar : https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=ZqqviT8AAAAJ&hl=en

        Academia : https://qu.academia.edu/HaithamSarhan

        Bio: Having prepared his master and doctoral theses at the University of Jordan and been a visiting scholar at the Universities of California, Berkeley and Toronto, Haitham Sarhan is currently a professor and researcher in Arabic language, literature and civilization in the Department of Arabic Language at Qatar University.

        He has written four books and published several other research papers in Classical Arabic Narrative and Prose, Semiotic Interpretation, Linguistics and Sexuality Discourse. He is a member of the Jordanian Writers Association and the Jordanian Critics Association. He has won the Ibn Battuta Prize for Travel Literature - Manuscript Investigation Branch in 2018, and the Arab Fund for Culture and Arts (Afaq) Prize in 2008.

    • Advisory Board
      Prof. Ibrahim Abdel Rahim Al Sa'afeen Professor of Modern Literature The University of Jordan, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
      Prof. Ibrahim Ghaloum Professor of Modern Criticism Bahrain University, Kingdom of Bahrain
      Prof. Hamid Dabashi Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature Columbia University, New York City
      Prof. Khalid Abouel lail Professor Folklorist and Director of Folklore Studies Center Arabic Language Department, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University
      Prof. Saïd Yaktine Professor of Narratology and Literature theory College of Arts and Humanities, Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco
      Prof. Shahira Fahmy Professor of Journalism Arizona University, USA
      Prof. Abdel Hakim Radi Professor of Literary Criticism and Rhetoric Cairo University, Egypt
      Prof. Abdullah Khamis Professor of Journalism and Electronic Publishing Department of Mass Communication, Sultan Qaboos University
      Prof. Aziz Thabit Saeed Professor of Linguistics and Translation and Dean of the Faculty of Language Studies Arab Open University, Kuwait
      Prof. Fawwaz Al-Abed Al-Haq Professor of Linguistics, Faculty of Arts The Hashemite University
      Prof. Marie Thérèse Abdelmessih Professor of English & Comparative Literature Department of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts Cairo University
      Prof. Mohamed N. El Sarayrah Dean, College of Mass Communication Petra University, Jordan
      Prof. Mouhammad Hassan Altayyan Professor of Arabic Language and Literature Arab Open University-Kuwait
      Prof. Mohammad Abdel Rahim Kafud Professor of Modern and Contemporary Arabic Literature Former Minister of Culture, Former Minister of Education, Qatar
      Prof. Nabil Dajani Emeritus Professor of Media Studies American University of Beirut
      Prof. Hesham Mesbah Professor of Communication & Mass Communication Rollins College, FL, USA & Cairo University, Egypt
      Prof .Yasir Suleiman Professor of Arab Contemporary Studies University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
      Prof. Yousef Farhan Bader Professor of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Yarmouk University, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan