Oumssad Hayet


Literature has always enriched the environment from which it stems and in turn, has been enriched by this latter. It merges in this environment, thus, creating possibilities as well as representing worlds going beyond what already exists to what may possibly exist so as to transfer a certain representation of the author’s perceptions of the surrounding environment. The issue that may raise extensive questions in critical, philosophical and cognitive studies, both modern and contemporary, is that of representation in itself, which has been considered as one of the deepest, most important and serious issues that we shall understand, recognize and study in order to learn a new way to represent our worlds and understand our perceptions and those of others about us. Since the various cognitive theories according to Grace, Sperber and Wilson’s proposals, as part of the relevance theory, have examined this issue at the level of perceptual mental structures which use simple sentences to represent their world, in this paper, I would like to introduce the Michail Bakhtin’s concept of literary representation, on the basis that this latter recalls others’ speeches which takes us from the perceptual self space issue to that of perceiving the other who uses his speech to serve the author’s intents and coded goals.


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