As having the quality of a social being, man practiced his life according to the systematic rituals of the tribe. He had to preserve this framework from the perspective that belonging is a strategic decision and a bio-cultural need to secure his psychological future and achieve his human existence. Nevertheless, the margin is usually activated, and its speeches erupt. When the center does not meet individuals' social and political requirements, it creates a kind of deviation from the pattern drawn by the tribe through its historical paths; to compensate for the void and Obstruction as a form of rejection and self-assertion; Freedom, where non-linearity is a right guaranteed by the values of difference and legitimate rebellion. The study is based on a cultural reading of samples of the pre-Islamic poetry; to monitor the controversial and eternal conflict between an authoritarian center, a model shaped on its tribal system, and an antagonist margin that endeavors to shape possible and bright alternatives to a world of full freedom, and which believes in the other voice and recognizes variety as a powerful approach to building Homeland.


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the culture of infiltration
model (type)
Pre-Islamic Poetry

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HENNI لخضر. 2017. “The Non-Belonging and The Prescribed Model Infiltration (A Cultural Approach to the Pre-Islamic Poetry)”. ANSAQ Journal 1 (2).