Mofareh Shabaan Asiri


This study discusses a character’s semiotics in the novel of the butterfly kingdom by the Algerian writer Waciny Laredj. I initiated my research with an introduction in which I indicated the character’s importance as it is a central element in the whole narration, and as a fundamental pillar in the formation of the novel, as well. Then I discussed the concept of alienation as an ensured theme which has directly influenced the characters formation of a novel. Therefore, the notion of this study came from alienation. The study included two sections: First, the structure of characters where I explained and the effect of alienation on its composition. The second topic, is about the language’s impact on deeping the concept of alienation among the characters of the novel. Then the study came to a set of important results which are: (1) The concept of alienation with its different elements has a strong presence in the novels characters formation. (2) The language of novel contributed to deepen the concept of alienation among its characters which resulted in reaching the extreme case of fragmentation and decomposition.


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Character Semiotics
butterfly kingdom
formation of the novel
novels characters formation

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