Suliman Omirat


The article focuses on the Arabic Language scholar Ferrâ’s contribution to the field of Arabic Language and Rhetoric in his book Maâni’l-Kurânan explores his analysis of a set of rhetorical phenomena dealt with in this book. In addition, the difference between the approaches in the study of rhetorical phenomena of Ferra and that of the ones following him is put forward. Finally, the place of Ferra in the science of Arabic Language and Rhetoric is attempted to be determined. The work consists of an introduction, main section of the article and conclusion. The main reason for leading the author to do a research in this area is explained in the introduction. The background knowledge of Ferra’s life, the method followed in the works on the genre of Maâni’l-Kurân in general, and the one that of Ferra are explored in the introduction as well. The main section of the article focuses on Ferra’s approach to such rhetorical arts such as maJâzu’l-aklî, hazf, mushâkala, iltifat and kinaya. The article comes to the end with a conclusion where a general assessment of the study is made.


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Kur’an-l Karim
Farra, Yahya ibn Ziyad, 761 or 762-822 or 823.
Arabic rhetoric - history.
Al-Majaz (Arabic rhetoric)

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