Ridha Abdallah Alibi


This study aims at digging deep in the poetry of Jarir to scrutinize the traces of argumentative rhetoric in eulogizing and , notably, in lamenting. The study is essentially meant to peruse the structural aspects of his poetry, focusing on the styles , the structures and the themes he used . In Jarir’s verse , we came across a persona addressing others, complaining about its penury in an attempt to stir the compassion of a flattered addressee , emotionally and persuading him rationally to consider uncertain conditions .Hence, Jarir had recourse to implicit argumentations at times and explicit ones at other times. Thus, from rhetoric, Jarir made use of various devices to describe and portray. Apart from that, Jarir selected the right stylistic devices to bolster his speech strategies .In his magnificent verse, Jarir made an abundant use of the imperative and the conditional modes. He did exploit them skillfully without affecting the overall format of his eulogy poems and their corresponding meanings. Jarir switched from one part of his poems to another ,and from one message to another ,preserving the harmony of the parts of his poems that deal with eulogy. We managed to touch the well knit fabric of Jarir’s verse at the levels of structure and meaning and his ability to compose poetry


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Implicit argumentation
explicit argumentation
stylistic devices
Arabic language -- Rhetoric
Persuasion (Rhetoric)

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