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One of the problems facing the researcher stylistic browse during stylistic studies is problematic relationship between the stylistic and rhetoric, what unites them? And what does not gather?, And what the nature of their relationship, I offer Abdulsalam Masdi set of ironies between rhetoric and stylistic, all indicate rope does not break compatibility between them. The relation between the stylistics and the rhetoric is sometimes strong andsometimes weak this imbalance is perceived through functional as well as teleological difference the ststylistics and the rhetoric melt together and separate from each other in terms of the historical ath of the stylistic.they cross in the analysis which is known as the literary discours .besides the use of the analysis tools and descriptive scientific research methodology in describing the characteristics borrows the rhetorical tools in order to determine its stylistic attributes.thus , the stylistics analyses the literary discourse using the rhetorical tools which are used in the stylistic analysis . And that the most important points that characterize the all the stylistic rhetoric lurk in rhetoric that is interested to produce the effect that the recipient receives by influencing element, while considering the stylistic ways and mechanisms of influence by the analysis of its causes and to highlight the aesthetics


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stylistic context the stylistics
linguistic analysis
stylistic attributes
Arabic language -- Context
Arabic language -- Rhetoric

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