Ahmaed Bouziane


The problematic/issue of the mystic idiomatic cannot be understood apart/aloof from understanding the conceptual device of mysticism or its system awareness of the cognitive structure, which is determined by a set of perceptions without which it is impossible to communicate with this discourse. Without the awareness of the specificity of this discourse and structure of the paradox, the talk about it is a form of a verbal premise, an intellectual luxury and an abundance of utterances that are not arranged on the semantic format. And that the relationship between the word in the language and what it refers to in the targeted tangibles, associated with what is deposited in the collective consciousness of the significance, identifying tangible assets through the signifiers to which they refer. Thus, the problematic will continue to impose itself especially the relationship of the language and abstract or the subtleties meanings. This is in general meanings where the gap is widening between the signifier and the signified that makes the mystic misleading/deceiving into the language, but he always remains in his evasiveness and transcendence. And within it remains the detection process as a mere approach to the subtleties consumption without depleting them because the subtleties meanings are not controlled by a boundary, nor locked by an utterance/term. Therefore, the contradictions correspondent, the antonyms associate and the dissonances unite; an unusual matter to what is typical in the normative discourse. These contradictions impose on the mystic to rebuild a new language according to what recognition imposes and its paradoxical system structure, thus falling from his consideration the so-called linguistic contradistinction. Yet, the latter sometimes refers to synonymy and unjustified. On this problematic awareness, the mystical language refers to itself, and builds its own/private world through what meanings it conveys for which there are no objective equivalents, thereby conferring upon/imparting to it the poetic paradox feature which this article tries to approach.


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The poetic
The Mystical
The paradox the difference
The Sufism in poetry
The Sufism in literature
Sufi poetry, Arabic -- History and criticism

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