Mostafa Ghelfane


Course in General Linguistics by Saussure, edited by Charles Bally and Albert Sechehaye 1916 became the basis for the structural approach shedding light on Saussure’s thought .This edition was a source of misunderstanding for many of the issues in the book such as issues of the subject of linguistics, language and speech, signifie and emained , emained ness, referent, shape and concept, synchronic and diachronic linguistics. Some critical studies pointed out that some sections of the book are confusing because of the poor wording. The book is problematics also of it’s attribution to the author. The 1916 edition emained the only document that explained the authers concepts despite number of critical observations .when Godel published a new edition in 1954 a new feactures was looming. This work was developed by Rudolph Engler between 1968-1974 using philological studies that revealed misrepresentation of the content of the book some inconsistencies, termes and misunderstanding of the original concepts. This article attempts to provide some plain examples adopted by the new editors of Course in General Linguistics and the mistake made by Bally and Sechehaye.


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Course in General Linguistics
Charles Bally and Albert Sechehaye
Saussure’s thought
Arabic language -- Study and teaching
Language and languages
Linguistics -- History

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