Abdelkader Fidouh


The novel [2084 The Last Arab] revolves around the fate of the Arabs, which was caused by the decline to decay in light of international crises and conflicts, especially those that are taking place between the great powers and the totalitarian Arab regimes, i.e. between the will of the authority and the desire to surrender and obedience. In the novel, Adam, created by the West, was a nuclear physicist, overseeing the project of making a mini-nuclear bomb , easy to place in a specific time and place. This is an idea inspired by imagination, simulating the events of the Arab world today. The writer chose to name the castle [Arabia], in reference to the Arab countries, while he chose the name [Ameropa], a word compound from America and Europe. The Arab-Western futile wars, or among the Arabs themselves, have had a profound effect on the fragmentation of Arabs, which have no role in building the civilization of the third millennium due to sectarian and ethnic ruptures. Even the best Arab was described as the good Arab is the dead Arab. The novel raises Ontology questions in the context of existential crises, after creating terrorism, and the identification of the enemy; to achieve the goal on the Machiavelli method; whose theory of the end justifies the means , meaning the use of violence to prove the power to control people. This is adopted by Ameropa countries in their political strategies, according to the novel, who found in [Adam] the right person to accomplish the act of death in a frantic race, and the war in Arabia acting in a fictional form of evidence that reflects the reality.


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