Peer-Review Process

SBE journal has a blinded peer review process where the papers are reviewed by at least two referees that they are active researchers in the subject of the paper. The review process is strictly confidential. The papers are assigned to the advisory board members that they:

  1. Need to ensure the selection criteria for research submissions are unbiased and transparent.

  2. Should select appropriate and relevant reviewers for reviewing submissions.

  3. Need to maintain the confidentiality of the submissions and not disclose the research to anyone outside the review process.

  4. Have the autonomy to decide the appropriateness of reviews and make the final decisions on the acceptance, rejection or revision of the submitted review paper.

  5. Need to be able to justify their decision to the author with proper reasoning and feedback for improvement, when needed.

  6. Need to make sure the needs of readers and authors are met.

  7. Should strive to improve the performance of their journal. The reviewers are requested to:

    • Make sure the research paper being reviewed falls under their field of expertise.

    • Adhere to the prescribed time frame. In case of not being able to respond in a timely manner, reviewers should explicitly communicate it to the editor(s).

    • Contact the Editor in presence of any conflicts of interest with the submitted research.

    • Ensure their reviews do not make use of derogatory terms rather provide the author with constructive criticism and feedback.

    • Strive to provide an unbiased and honest review.

    • Maintain the confidentiality of the research submission and not use it for personal research purposes.