Editorial Board

  • Dr. ABelaid Aouni

  • Co-Editors
    1. Dr. Adam Mohamadali Fadlalla

    2. Dr. Mostfa Kamal Hassan

    3. Dr. Belaid Aouni

    4. Dr. Nitham Mohammed Hindi

    5. Dr. Mohamed Gaied

    6. Dr. Omar Ben Ayed

  • Advisory Editorial Board
    1. Dr. Abdelouahid Assaidi (Laurentian University)

    2. Dr. Adam Mohamadali Fadlalla (Qatar University )

    3. Dr. Blanca Pérez-Gladish (University of Oviedo)

    4. Dr. Bouchra M’Zali (University of Quebec at Montreal)

    5. Dr. Carlos Romero Lopez (Technical University of Madrid)

    6. Dr. Charles Bélanger (Laurentian University)

    7. Dr. Constantin Zopounidis (Technical University of Crete)

    8. Dr. Davide La Torre (University of Milan)

    9. Dr. Dylan Jones (University of Portsmouth)

    10. Dr. Ebrahim Mazaheri (Wilfrid Laurier University)

    11. Dr. Fouad Ben Abdelaziz (NEOMA Business School)

    12. Dr. Homayoon Shalchian (Laurentian University)

    13. Dr. Khaled Hussainey (University of Portsmouth)

    14. Dr. Moez Limayem (University of South Florida)

    15. Dr. Mohamed Gaied (Qatar University )

    16. Dr. Mostafa Kamal Hassan (Qatar University )

    17. Dr. Nitham Mohammed Hindi (Qatar University )

    18. Dr. Omar Ben Ayed (Qatar University )

    19. Dr. Ozhand Ganjavi (Laurentian University)

    20. Dr. Panayiotis Ketikidis (University of Sheffield)

    21. Dr. Ralph E. Steuer (University of Georgia)

    22. Dr. Taicir Moalla Loukil (Sfax University)